What Nyema Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi Sophia and to every member of the KDP team. My name is Dr. Nyema and I currently live and practice medicine in the UK. I first came across KDP through a YouTube ad and maybe I signed up. I got invited to webinar on the same day within the R and for that I was super grateful. The system is one that works when you do the work. I’m currently going through the modules, but I know this is the system for me because once you do the work, you get to reap the rewards on the recurring basis, month after month.

The team have been super helpful. You get an amazing support so far. I’m excited because it’s a vehicle that lets me achieve my dreams. I’ll say to anyone, any one of my friends joining, this is a course that could change your life and I don’t need too much to be convinced at this point. The barrier to entry are not as tremendous as other businesses and you can literally achieve financial freedom whilst you sleep. So definitely you’ll be hearing from me and I hope to send more testimonials as the weeks and months go by. Take care, everyone, and enjoy the rest of 2022 and see you in 2023. Bye-bye.

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