From the Classroom to the Bestseller List: How Nicole Turned Her Expertise Into Profit

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Hello. My name is Nicole Rice and I have been a high school technology teacher for the last 28 years here in upstate New York. I also own a Lakeside marina business that I founded with my husband in 1994.

When I came across Sophie Howard online one day, I was just looking for another way to make a flow of income when I retire in two years. I just liked the way Sophie said things. And it wasn’t just about some money, but it was about making a regular flow of income by selling books on Amazon list just like she was.

My two daughters had moved 2,600 miles away to California for opportunities, and I wanted to be able to travel in style and visit them anytime I wanted in retirement. [inaudible] other side income ideas just scared me, and the more I heard about the Kindle Publishing Income program and how you could zoom one-on-one with the KX10 coaches, I felt like I could do it too.

I joined the KX10 program in March of 2021, and three months later in May of 2021, I published my first book, Does Your Teen Talk? No, but they text, Snap and TikTok. I put a lot of cartoons and humor in there to help parents survive having a teenager in their life. In the first month, I made $400, and now that I have five-star reviews, my sales are going up. On the publisher racket software, it predicts that I will make $1,600 a month in sales as I grow.

What’s up? I’m Jolie. I live in sunny California and I proofread all of my mom’s books.

Without the KX10 program, I would’ve stopped at one book. KX10 got me to do things I never thought I could. I’m on library shelves. I did a local TV spot, a county newspaper, a national magazine picked up the stories, schools have adopted my Habit series book. A teacher has written to me, and now check this out, my author promo video.
And I came out with my second book and it’s just so that people just don’t have to take things so seriously, but you can still accomplish big things. It’s what I’m telling teenagers every day, like you tell me what’s important to you. Let’s break it down. Let’s make it into simple habits to get you there, even if it means getting up a few minutes early, but anything to make your life better and to get the things you want. The book comes with three workbooks. I’m a teacher, we do workbooks, and with anybody, if you track something, it’s more likely to get done.

If you are looking for a new means of income and a new mindset, doing something right from your own home where you reach people all over the world, then Sophie Howard’s KX10 program is right for you.

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