What Lynor Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, I’m Lynor Antoinette, and I’m a new book author, and guess how that happened.

So, I want to tell you a short story.

What happened was I was looking to make an investment – so I could have a way to be financially independent, and I was looking to have a legacy for myself and for my family.

So, I saw Sophie Howard having an Advertisement.

And I never respond to ads. Never.

I’ve been marketing for 20, over 20 years, and I know how it works.

And I just, something about Sophie drew me to her – she was very genuine.

She didn’t seem like she was selling anybody.

She was talking about her own life and what she did.

She built a multi-million-dollar company by selling products online.

So, I said, “Well, they always say, do something that would be easy for you”.

And I’m very familiar with retail. I’ve been a buyer, I’ve been in management, manage lots of people.

So, I said, “so consumer products is really just an extension of what I’ve been doing already. It shouldn’t be hard for me to learn”.

So, I looked into it, and I ended up investing in the consumer products part associate program.

And I found a whole new world of people.

I felt like this whole community of people was really there to support me.

They made you feel like you were a part of a community of people that really want you to be successful.

So, if have you ever been in a place where and this is where you should be, in a place where people want you to feel like you can achieve, you want to be in that type of environment, and that’s the way I felt being in the program.

And while I was in that program for consumer products to sell online, she introduced another program, which was “sis, do you want to make any extra money? I found another great way to do that”.

And I’m like, “I wonder what this is about”. And of course, Sophie was very strong about it, she went ahead with it and started doing extremely well. And I never, ever thought of this Avenue of income stream -and it’s been publishing.

And so, I said, “Okay, I’m going to give it a chance”. And I found my way in order to invest in it. I ended up starting my first publishing company. I ended up writing my first book.

It’s basically a memoir about myself, how I had managed to pain points of being in middle school and high school and how I helped my daughter – because I decided to write about something that was personal to me that I could share with the world.

I have promised, my God, if you could help me, Lord, to help thousands of people. I promised to do everything that you want me to do with that. And He brought this to me.

So, instead of me just signing up for a program that would make me thousands of dollars, it actually found me and helped me to know what my passion was and what my destiny is so now I know what I’m supposed to be doing. So, it’s a lot more valuable to me than just money.

So, yes you can make money in this program as long as you put your efforts into it what you put into it is what you’re going to get back. It’s nothing like any other program because the coaches that you have in here are really there to help you. They don’t just drop you by the wayside and oh, we just go ahead and take the investment. You really learn a whole new business – nothing is wasted.

If you put an investment in that you’re going to get it back as long as you put the effort into it and you have people that you know for life. And these particular books that I’m writing; when I expire these books will live on 70 years from now.  

So, talking about a legacy you can’t ask for more than that, so I don’t need to convince you, I just think that you should look into something like this if you’re looking for financial independence – if you’re looking for a community that’s like-minded thinking and supportive in an environment where you feel you can achieve, you should look into the Sophie Howard programs because I would tell anyone – I don’t care if it was your last dollar, this is something that you should take a look at.

Take a look at it if it’s for you, you’re gonna do well if you put your heart into it but the people that’s there you can’t go wrong, they are there to help you, so I would recommend Sophie Howard’s program.

It has done wonders for me and helped me to find my true passion to help thousands of other people find their passion.

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