What Lisa Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

I published my first book in 2009 with a traditional publishing house. I paid for my own publicity and got on a handful of morning tv shows. I paid my own way to appear and promote my book. When I asked my publisher to pay for my travel to the next appearance, they told me to get on Oprah and then they might consider it. While I did get on Oprah Radio, I never got on Oprah television. Therefore, when I finished writing my second book, I got a release from my publisher to self-publish going forward. I initially published through CreateSpace, which Amazon bought. I published my third book the same way. Being a single mom with a full time job, I never found the time to learn how to promote my books. Scrolling through FB last winter, I found Sophie. What a ray of light! I have learned so much from her. She is so inspiring and incredibly clever that I spent hours watching her training while on medical leave this past winter. Not only have I learned how to promote my books through Amazon Ads, but she gave me the courage I never would have found to approach the publisher who published my first book to ask if they would consider selling the rights to that book back to me. I was shocked when they said yes and now I have total control of my first book and make 70% on royalties through Amazon compared to the 10% I was getting from my publisher before. I also made updates to my second book using her techniques, and as a result, I have increased sales of this book significantly. My plan is to start selling all three of my books in other languages and to publish on Audible. I’m thrilled to have total ownership of my first book as it’s my story and my memoir and without owning the rights, I wouldn’t be able to publish in other languages or on Audible. Since it’s the first book in my series, it was very frustrating not to own the rights to it. This change, thanks to everything I learned from Sophie, has made such a huge difference in my ability to scale and grow. I couldn’t be more grateful to have come across Sophie’s message on FB and be a part of this amazing community of writers, publishers and coaches. Thank you, Sophie and team!!!!

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