What Laura Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, I’m Laura and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. And 10 years ago, I wrote and self-published a paperback book. I didn’t really do much with it, but my friends and family have been nagging me ever since to turn it into an ebook and put it onto Kindle. But honestly, I had no idea where to start. I’m not very techy or digital-minded. I had no idea where to go or what to look at to get that underway.

In April, 2020, when New Zealand went into their first … lockdown, I got involved with Sophie Howard’s Amazon products course, which I absolutely loved. Really enjoyed the environment and the community and the support that her and her team gave. And I was chatting to my life coach and she again said, “Have you got that ebook sorted out yet?” Which I hadn’t. At the time, my mind was too busy on the Amazon products course and I didn’t think I had room in my head to learn anything else.

However, as COVID went on, shipping logistics fell into disarray. There were delays in getting products everywhere. I thought, well, now I’m having to wait a few months for this and that, would be a good time to look into it. And as luck would have it, Sophie decided at the same time to offer a Kindle Publishing Course. So perfect timing in that regard. And I’ve now learned about formatting and editing and proofreading and cover design, not to mention keywords and search terms that the customers look for. I’ve never been particularly happy with my cover that I had, and I wasn’t sure about the title, but long story short, everything I’ve lived, my little book has now turned into an ebook on Kindle. And of course, the other thing is now is that I don’t have to pre-purchase products, spend months waiting for them to get anywhere. I don’t have to navigate logistics. There are no delays in getting the finished product. And with the Sophie advising us also on ghostwriting, which is something I’d never thought of before, that’s opening up a whole new opportunity for me to make this a real business. And that’s where I’m going to go to from here. Thank you.

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