What Khunnang Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello. I am Khunnang from Cambodia. I am currently open job. I heard about Sophie’s program from Instagram. What attracted me to join her course is that it’s an online course. It’s related to my personal goal. I wrote my personal goal in 2023 is online business, digital marketing.

My life before joining with course it’s like a boat stuck in the middle of a sea. I didn’t know where to go for sure. How can I row the boat to the shore? After joining with Sophie’s course, I understand and know how to write books. I wrote two story books for children in the Khmer language and in English, language. On a way to get self on Amazon. I want to change my lifestyle, get to live where I want to live, and get a partner that I want and travel the world. We make a great family.

I believe that connecting with the good people, we can make a prosperous life. And also sharing happiness with the other people. So people who interested in writing books, you can join with Sophie’s course. Thank you.

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