What Julio Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello everyone. My name is Julio Cortez, and I am a recently self-published author. Thanks to Sophie Howard and Kindle Publishing Income. It’s with a great deal of pride and happiness that I get to endorse her course and highly recommend it to everyone who’s watching this video. For many years, I’ve been an entrepreneur and I’ve actually struggled with making my businesses a success, simply because of lack of experience and not knowing what was needed from me to do that. And that’s one of the things that I enjoy most about the Kindle Publishing Income, is that Sophie will take you step by step, and teach you every single thing that you need to know in order for you to publish your own book, or books, I should say, and place them on Amazon, in front of millions of millions of people who could be potentially your customers.

I found her course on Facebook one night, at the best time for me, really. Just before finding her course, someone had said something to the effect that I couldn’t be a writer or a publisher, and I just happened to find her course. Now, I’ve published three books and I’m very, very proud. I feel a great sense of accomplishment because I was able to follow through and get it done. And I’m just going to continue to publish as many as I can. So if you’re thinking about purchasing the course, don’t think about it, do it. You’re going to be very happy that you did, and you’re going to be a success too.

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