What Julie & Sharon Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Julie and I’m a registered nurse.

Hi, my name is Sharon and I’m a sports coordinator for council.

We have been best friends since we were in primary school and have always dreamed about making money together. We want to take control of our lives and become independent entrepreneurs.

Our journey started with attending a three-day motivational event. Then we seen Sophie’s advertisement on Facebook and was so intrigued with her business model. Sophie came across honest and yes everything Sophie offered was true. Once we signed up, we had a guided pathway and all education models were very easy to work through.

We watched the training every Thursday morning and have been working through the modules. At the moment we are doing an eight-week challenge with Sophie about writing our first book through engaging a ghost rider. Each week I can’t wait to find out more. Sharon and I have never written a book before. So this is a first. In between each milestone, we always high five ourselves. We catch up as much as we can through the Zoom platform. By the end of the eight weeks, we’ll have our first nonfiction book on KDP. We are so, so excited.

Our journey with Sophie has been very exciting and enjoyable and we just can’t wait to keep going. High five.

High five.



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