What Jeremy Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello everyone. I’m Jeremy Walsh. 64 years old. I’ve spent half my life teaching and half clearing houses. I’m now retired. I live in a caravan on an acre of land in Great Britain, and it’s freezing. I started Sophie’s Amazon Seller Course and became an Amazon registered seller, but then had a second stroke. Since last Christmas, I have been slowly recovering.

In the meantime, I watched many small videos on the internet where I saw Sophie talking about her KPI. That’s Kindle Publishing Income Course. Since her Amazon seller course was very good value, I thought, ah-ha, this sounds like something I could do in my condition and help me recover. It’s do-or-die time for me. If I am to have a new life, I must have success and the new income. Since failure breeds failure and success breeds success, I have started Sophie’s KPI course. Initially, I felt overwhelmed, but as I progressed, I have become more assured. The course seems to have been well thought out. In my case, because my morale is so low, I will need one-on-one coaching, like in Sophie’s Amazon Seller Course, to take me all the way to publishing my first book. It seems to be an interesting course, and if I can succeed, others should be able to follow. Thank you, Sophie, and thank you all for watching.

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