What Herrion Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Herrion and I’m a driving instructor from the United Kingdom. I heard about Sophie’s course through YouTube as I was scrolling through some videos. And what attracted me to this is because I wanted to always start my own Amazon publishing business and Kindle platform, but I’ve not known the way to how to do it, to be fair.

So before doing the course, I had no experience at all with publishing on Amazon and was unsure of where to start. I also struggled to find reliable information out there that would help me to understand the Kindle platform and how to successfully publish my own book.

After completing Sophie’s course, however, I now have a clear understanding of the Amazon publishing process, and I am in the process of publishing my first book on Amazon. So the course has also given me the confidence and skills to continue publishing on Amazon and to grow my business.
So I personally would highly recommend Sophie’s course to others who are interested in starting their own Amazon publishing business. The course provides valuable information. It also gives you good resources that can help you succeed in this field and to offer potential for a source of residual income.

I am now able to publish my first book on Amazon very soon, so I’m looking forward to this. And thank you, Sophie, for the support team that you have there as well. So guys, if you are unsure of what to do, please check out her tutorials as they’re useful and valuable information out there. Thank you.

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