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… live in Scotland, sunny Scotland, in the UK. And basically, my business at the moment, I run a business. My husband and I have a small company. It’s a glass manufacturing design business. So we’re very busy with that. We’ve had that for about 21 years now. And whilst it’s a great little business, it’s very demanding of our time. It’s very load consuming. And that was part of my reason, really, when I sort of saw Sophie’s first video was to start to look to sort of have a plan, and start to get a bit more time freedom in my life, as my kids were starting to grow older.

I felt I probably engaged a bit more directly with Sophie, and I felt she was very honest, she was very … what you saw was what you got, basically. I felt she was quite grounded, and quite honest, and that’s what quite appealed to me. And she clearly had a very strong business focus, and a very strong business ethic, and that appealed to me as well.

My probably biggest obstacle was time. Before I started it, I did have to give a lot of consideration to what time I could devote to it, not really knowing at that point how much time it would consume. But I’m a great believer that busy people achieve more than people that aren’t busy. If you’re a busy person and you want to do something, you’ll find the time to do it.

Through the KPI program, I had been doing sort of more just testing the water with some low content books, looking at sort of possible areas for books. I was sort of plodding my way through that. When [KX 10 00:01:25] came along, I saw that really as an opportunity to fast track something. I could see the potential. I understood the process. I understood the ultimate goal and the outcomes.

So prior to KX 10, I’d been doing some research, I had gone through all the training modules, and a couple of low content books up there. But then since joining KX 10, obviously it’s allowed me to accelerate that. So I have published my first e-book, and the paperback book, I will launch next week. And then the audio book, I will launch just after that. I have my second book completed. It’s just going through the final stages of audio as well. So two books fully written, and then I’ve got a children’s series that is, I’ve got about four books written, one illustrated, and just about ready to go, and another two of the books being illustrated as we speak. And I’m currently got two outlines underway for another set books.

I didn’t think it wouldn’t be hard work, but I probably underestimated more, because I think from my point of view, I was learning an entirely different business. I mean, business principles can carry from one business to the other, but the actual sort of process of this business was entirely different to anything I’d ever previously done in another life.

But I have to say, the support from the coaches was there every step of the way for that learning. There was always someone at the end of an email, if there was a question that needed to be answered. The team are amazing. I think the coaches have been absolutely fantastic from day one. I think the knowledge they have across different fields within the whole publishing sector, and the willingness to share and help you learn was what I found quite amazing.

I’ve had one group, Society’s come back and said they made you a feature on my book, which is nice. I’m sort of waiting for that confirmation. So I’m going to start the hard work. In my opinion, it actually starts now. Now that it’s there, the hard bit is the marketing, the hard bit, the push and this constant drive.

So yeah, I suppose I didn’t really know what I had ahead of me. I had a plan in my head that I want a sense of freedom. I sort of had two, three year plan that I wanted a sort of freedom, so then I started working hard. I wouldn’t have thought that within the period I had, I would now be at a point where I’ve got books published, which is a lovely feeling. It’s quite a sense of achievement. You feel very proud of this, the potential is there.

And I can see, that roadmap for my future now, I can see that if I keep working hard at this and put all the right strategies in place that we’re being taught, and just keep sort of repeating that and doing the right research, I know that that plan for the future for me will be something that I can realize.

I just think my sense of Sophie and the team has been they’re real people. They are telling you something that they’re doing, and that’s how they make their livelihood. It’s how they make their business. And they share the good and the bad, which is very, very important. So I think it’s just that sense of sharing, and family, and that you’re part of a team that makes it, for me, very worthwhile and quite special.

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