What Fabuiam Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, I am Bonnie from South Africa. I first saw Sophie four years ago on YouTube, on some YouTube video. She was selling some tea, and you know what stuck with me was her sincerity. It wasn’t how much she made from that tea, but you know, how she spoke. She just spoke to my soul. A mom taking care of her two kids here, then time passed. I had to start over during the intensity of Covid where everyone was supposed to be home, that was the middle of 2020 when companies were closing down. I left my marriage with my daughter, where things were done for me, everything was done for me. And it had been five years since I last worked. I started selling pre-owned clothes that were given to me as charity. Fast forward, God has been blessing me in shocking ways. It has been two years now.

Then one day on my Insta page, there’s this woman I saw four years ago. She’s now selling something I always wanted to do, but I didn’t know how and where to start. She teaches us to publish the eBooks and, yeah, hard book cover. Yeah, all that. She introduced a payment plan that I felt could afford. Now the challenge was, at that same time she introduced the payment plan, my car broke, and it’s the very same car that brings income home as I was selling. I’m a salesperson. I had to make a choice, do I fix the car or do I take the course? I’m so glad I took the course and I don’t regret it at all. I haven’t published anything yet, but I will soon because there’s some material that I did that is ready and lined up. The gems I got from this course, I wouldn’t have gotten in any social media. All thanks to Sophie and her crew, and I’m still learning. Every time there’s new information, and it’s the confirmation that I can do this, I can do this. When Sophie teaches, she invites you to her world while teaching. Her achievements, she will tell you about them, her fears, her concerns, her family, her joys, et cetera. It’s just a confirmation that she’s human just like me. So if she can, I can too.

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