What Evon Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Evonne. I am a PSW in Canada. I found out about Sophie and her course advertised online. I was hoping to inject some creativity in life that I was lacking, and to understand the publishing world. It is a learning curve in itself, to understand how to navigate around a computer. With the help of family and Sophie, and her friends, they were just an email or a phone call away. They take the mystery out of every day, step-by-step process to get you through the course successfully. It’s actually the push I needed. It’s the first course I actually completed online.

Without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. The end result was this amazing book that I published, and many more to come. I was able to do this only through your help, Sophie. Thank you so much. Your team is amazing. They’re wonderful people. They help you understand this. They take the mystery out of the process. If you’re thinking of taking this course, face your fears as I have, and you just don’t know until you try it. Thank you.

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