What Dan Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Greetings from St. Louis, Missouri. My name is Dan Kopp. I’m a 75 year old, retired US military officer, 32 years of active duty, and also a retired family physician of over 40 years experience.

Now I operate a small home business in e-commerce, I think primarily to keep the brain cells active. I came across Sophie’s program on a Facebook ad, sat through the webinar, and immediately signed up for the full course. Like many of you, I know I’ve dreamt my whole life of one day writing a book or two, and this program seemed like the perfect way to learn the business from the ground up.

What really attracted me was the simplicity of the business model, the excellent training, and the superb support. During my entire working career, the major obstacle to writing a book was lack of adequate, undistracted time. As an army officer and a physician, I worked long hours and seldom had time left over for family or friends, or certainly to focus on a lifelong dream. But now I have the freedom and the time to focus on that dream.

I’ve always been a fairly good writer, but I’ve never found a way to really capitalize on that skill until Sophie and her team have provided the superb training, a deep insight into the publishing business, and extensive support. This has absolutely transitioned my dream into a well thought out pathway.

I plan to author several smaller eBooks, and then translate that knowledge into writing a larger book, and perhaps writing the book that’s been percolating inside my head for the past several years. This program has provided me immense confidence, and emotionally a deep sense of satisfaction. To paraphrase the beloved hymn “Amazing Grace”, I once was lost and now I’m found. I might say I had a dream of 75 years that was almost lost, but now it’s found.
Thanks for listening. Take a look at Sophie’s course, and perhaps you too can follow your dream of writing that book. Thank you.

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