What Christopher Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, I’m Christopher. I’m a registered nurse by profession and a full-time husband and dad. And I now work as a nurse manager in a rest home, an aged care facility here in Auckland. We worked hard during the pandemic to keep our elderly residents safe. Frankly, the job is rewarding and it’s quite grueling and tiring. At the end of the day, I’m exhausted and I go home barely having enough time for my growing kids. With a mortgage and a growing family, I just feel we’re making very slow progress in life and just making ends meet. My wife, she works a full-time job also as a nurse, comes home and works on her side hustle, making wedding favors to get a bit of side income to help.

I’ve spent years trying to find a little side hustle on my own. I’ve dabbled with multi-level marketing, blog making, website building, and nothing seems to work for me, until I found Sophie’s course on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing while browsing YouTube. To call it a light bulb moment is an understatement. It was a revelation that would change our lives forever. Through Kindle Publishing income, I was able to create and publish my very first book and it became an Amazon bestseller, an accomplishment I did not expect, let alone my very first book.

And the great thing about it is I did not write it all myself. Take a look at this. More than $300 just in my first month and it’s increasing over time, all from just this very first book. I have not one, not two, but three books lined up for launch and many more in the works. I can’t wait for the possibilities it can do for me in a few years or even just months. The best part is it could replace my full-time income and I do what I enjoy the most, which is traveling and being with my family.

I can say for sure that, by far, this is the easiest business opportunity right now. It’s low competition and doesn’t require a lot of tech skills. I have found my path and I am all in. How about you? Are you in or are you going to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime? It’s true when they say that the best time to plant a tree was yesterday and the second best time is now.

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