What Caroline Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello. My name is Caroline Stevenson, AKA Caroline-Anne Carnegie. I am an author of Toe Shoe, which is a book that’s on Amazon and Kindle. Also, a confidence coach. I met Sophie and her wonderful team when I was flicking through YouTube one night, and really liked her British practical, well spoken, understandable logic manner. So, I embarked on the course at some ridiculous time, like three in the morning. I haven’t regretted it. I have my book that obviously now the next step for it is to market it properly, and also to get the translated versions that are in the working at the moment, also up onto Kindle. And I also have four or five other ideas for some great books. So, with Sophie and her team, it’s the best thing that I could have ever done, because it’s step by step stuff that often creatives find it difficult to do, because we’ve created minded and then the logical stuff doesn’t come so easily.

So, this is why Sophie, because I wanted a platform to channel my work onto, and this is where it’s actually working perfectly. I’m having a small break at the moment from the course, just because my book has been written as a eight episodic TV series. So, I’ve been working on that, but can’t wait to get back into the next bit. It gives me confidence, even that I’m a confidence coach. We’re always a work in progress. So, this is why I’m super grateful to Sophie and her team. So, good luck to the rest of you. And this is a great initiative. Thank you so much, Sophie and team, take care.

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