What Benjamin Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi. My name’s Ben. My partner and I live in rural Australia where we love the outdoor lifestyle and being close to nature. We both work hard and don’t have much time after working for our local community. Last year, I found Sophie’s Kindle publishing income course when I was looking for ways to create more time for both of us while generating a good income no matter where we are. What attracted me to Sophie’s course was that it shows you step by step how to set up a business that would generate passive income. And I like that because not all businesses do. I should know because prior to Sophie’s course, I spent almost two years and way too much money setting up an outdoor business that in the end wasn’t a true business.

What I’d created instead was a job for myself and one that paid really badly. Now that it’s 10 months into Sophie’s course, I’ve already built a Kindle publishing business that’s published a series of books and that you income from royalties each month. It’s really, really awesome. Each new book is even more exciting than the last, because I know I’m expanding my portfolio of royalty income and scaling my business. It is incredibly motivating and inspiring to finally be able to see a clear pathway to no longer needing an employer or a set location to earn money. And I love how I can geek out creating exactly the kind of books that I like. So if you are considering Sophie’s course and Kindle direct publishing, I assure you this is the real deal. Start today and begin working towards no longer trading your time for money.

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