What Aroha Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello, my name’s Aroha and I’m from New Zealand. And I’m really very excited to share my experience with the KDP program and Sophie’s training because of just how useful it’s been to me.

I was in a bit of a rut at the end of last year, really wanting to move away from a very intense industry that I’ve worked in for many years, and wanting to buy back time in life. And I was talking with a friend, we often talk about side hustles and how to shift ourselves along, and she told me about the program. So I did my research. Wasn’t really thinking too much about it, liked what I read, joined one of the information sessions and liked what I heard. And so I didn’t actually join up to the program that day, but I will admit that I pressed pause for a second because; time, money, energy, all the things that you need to invest in this are precious commodities that are limited.

And so I had to really think about what it was I was investing in. And for me, and I would suggest this for anybody who’s sitting on the fence, for me it was about looking at and changing my mindset around what I was investing in. So rather than seeing them as individual commodities, I saw them collectively as an investment in my myself. So if I wanted to change my life, if I wanted to change what I was doing, if I wanted to move from where I was, then it was up to me to do that. And I needed to be able to put in the time and effort and the money that was required to do that, and so I had to see it as an investment in my myself.

And so once I was able to do that, all of my concerns melted into the background. And I’m really, really glad that they did because so pleased to say, I’m now officially a business owner. I’ve launched my first book and it’s generating sales, which I’m excited about. From where I was in January to where I am now is exponentially further along than I thought I would be. So, commissioned some fiction books and working on a lot of content material. And my business is off the ground, and I’m super grateful for that. So thank you.

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