What Aroha Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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My name’s Aroha and I live in the far north of New Zealand. I currently work as a wellness health navigator in the mental health space. I first heard about Sophie’s course through a friend. We’d been talking about side hustles. I’d been talking about wanting to reduce the work that I was doing, very stressful work that I was doing, and just have a bit of work-life balance. So she told me about Sophie’s course. I had a look into it and signed up.

The biggest thing I would say that I have taken away from it, lots and lots of learning, lots of skills that I have increased and learned. But actually the biggest thing I’ve got from it is confidence in myself. So I’ve never considered myself a person that would be good at business. That was something that other people did. So I’d never consider it as an option, as a career choice or a work choice.
So having the confidence because of the step-by-step nature of the program to actually launch into creating a business, creating an income, has been the biggest takeaway for me.

What I love about the course is that the way that it’s designed, it’s designed for people like me, anyone, to pick it up and be able to follow the program. And one of the key things about it is that if you put the work in, if you follow the program, you put the work in, it works.

So the biggest thing I would say to people who are considering Sophie’s course is to not hesitate. So he who hesitates, waits. And what happens is that if we wait another month, another two months, another six months, that’s six months further away from your dream for changing your life, doing something that you really love to do, whether that be the business or whether that be other things that you want to do in your life that the business allows you to do. So I would say don’t wait. Thank you.

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