What Araceli Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello everyone. My name is Araceli Cofield. I was just widowed. It is sad that my husband just passed away, October 8th, 2022. I live in Alabama USA and I am originally from the Philippines. I came to know Ms. Sophie Howard when I was searching on the internet how to improve my writing skills and to find ways how to explore Amazon and other marketing opportunities in the internet. I needed to do this, because I needed to work, I needed to have a job, I needed to do something to be able to support myself being alone. But, I always wanted to be self-employed and self-directed. Before I joined the Sophie Howard KPI Program, I was already researching how to be able to put up my own U.S.-based company.

You will notice that in the program agreement of Sophie Howard or the Kindle Publishing, there is a provision for U.S.-only members, that our information will be provided to a third party organization or business for the purpose of helping us in our LLC set up, or a limited liability company set up. And then to make this story short, the Prime Corporate Services contacted me, that is the third party identified by Sophie. And then, they gave me an orientation about putting an LLC. And then immediately after the orientation, we proceeded to registering my own company. And right now, I already have my business entity and its name is ADC Martin, LLC. And I’m happy about it, and I am thanking Sophie and the KPI Program for it. Bye.

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