What Anne Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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So I’m a homeschooling mom in Canada. I have nine children, which is probably not the experience of most moms. Six of them now are adults so I don’t feel like I have a lot of little children around anymore, and my husband works full time. Just before the pandemic hits, so in October of ’19, I decided that I was going to need to earn an income to help support the work that I do with women, because I’m a fertility health educator, I help teach women to understand their fertility cycles. But sometimes I have to travel and sometimes I work at the UN, that’s in New York City, and sometimes I go Washington. When the pandemic hit six months later, it made all the more sense that I had started this at home business.

The work that I do with women is basically volunteer work so I don’t receive a salary from doing it. I wanted to continue to help women and I was able to do that, so I found this way through Sophie’s course and in the fall of 2020 is when I took Sophie’s KPI course. And of course, the KPI has led me in towards the KX 10, which has been even a whole new gamut of learning. It really has given the students in the course a lot of information on how to know the best practices and the first steps on starting a publishing business. A lot of that information is provided in the KPI course, which is really great, but the KX10 takes it a little bit deeper because you really do have more opportunity to discuss individual parts of book building with your coach, and you have the ability to converse with your other classmates as they’re learning the course as well.

So that’s been very helpful and there are many components to building a book. It’s not exactly the same as I want to become a writer and so you put together and you write your own book and then you publish it, all from within myself, but it is very engaging in having to… It’s almost like being like a project manager. You’re overseeing every portion of that project in order for it to be a completed book at the end. The fact of actually having a book for sale was almost surreal in a way. It was like, oh, there’s actually something out there that I put together. And my family, they were quite impressed when I told them that I wrote this first book, and they were happy to hear that. They thought that was pretty cool, mom has a book out there.

I would encourage you, if you’re looking at this program and you do embark on this KPI program, or as I was saying, the KX10 program, that you take the steps in the modules that are there, but always in light of the fact that you are in control of your own business. You are the one who determines how quickly or how long it takes you to get to the end of that project. So I’ve got that one book up but that book is actually the start of a trilogy. I’ve got the second book written and I just got that back recently, and so I need to review it and I’ll probably revise it too. On top of that, I’ve just started to commission a writer and an outliner for a short story series that I’m developing based off of my trilogy, and I have different pen names for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found myself with nine pen names because I have nine children.

I could see myself making this into a larger portion of my business. My business at the time was with products and I still have that, but that the KPI could really accelerate me into the KX10. So I would definitely recommend the KX10 to anyone who wanted to get serious and have all the support that is there for them through the coaches and through the modules, through the different examples and templates that are provided. But it’s not a program, just like KPI or the products, where you just think, oh, I’m just going to do one little thing and it’s going to work. There is work involved. But the nice thing is that you’re taking that work at your pace, and it’s not you, it’s your business so you are a separate entity. And you are great and you are wonderful, even if you feel like your business isn’t maybe doing as well as your thought. You’re still great and you’re still wonderful, but the more that you can devote to your business, the better and more successful that business will be.

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