What Anne Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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9 kids! Grandma, home schooler. Fertility health traveller, UN. Volunteer. Started with 4 week challenge, that got her going. She rerotw the book, so it took a bit longer. Remove Blue Sky stuff. Grateful for Coach. Thinks of herself as a publisher, not a book writer. Uses a Pen name. Delete the bit about it taking a lot to time. Having a book for sale surreal. 6 months. Seperate entity – it is your business. Start of a trilogy. Got 2nd book done. Short story series to go go along with it. She is building an empire. 9 pen names. First sale. Rapid release. What did family feel? Mum has a book. Has no time! Delete bit about only needing KPI. Main difference with KX10 – Wants it to be a full time business. KX10 Accelerates. Already had a book done. Get serious. Extra supproit – caoches, modules. Take it at your pace.

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