What Amanda Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi there. My name is Amanda Pile and for many years I’ve been a teacher and the last few years a coach. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to write and I’ve studied at writing courses, universities over a long period of time. What I didn’t know was how to actually make a living at it. I still do coaching and I would like to mesh the writing and the coaching, and one day I was on Facebook and I saw Sophie’s promo and I thought, “This is just what I wanted.”

So I signed up to do the free introductory course and I immediately signed up for KPI because I knew this was just such a magnificent fit. I was not fulfilled doing teaching or coaching just on its own. I love doing writing, performing, and so this is giving me the opportunity of flexibility. I can work in bed if I want to, which I do sometimes when I get up early. And I can do it anywhere I like.

It’s going to give me the flexibility of going and looking after my father if I need to, traveling and doing all the things that I love to do. So I do say if that’s the sort of lifestyle you want, if you are a writer, you love the production and taking on a business that’s exciting and putting books together, this is the brilliant fit for you. So good luck. I hope you actually pick up on this. I’m having a wonderful time. I’m really enjoying the coaching. It’s amazing coaches. So thank you Sophie, and coaches. I’ve just really enjoyed my time and I’m preparing my book outline. Looking forward to seeing it there on Amazon. Thank you very much.

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