Gaining Financial and Time Independence: John’s Full-Time KDP Journey

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Hi all, my name is John Quar, and I’m now doing KDP full-time. I even established a company for it. I first heard about Sophie’s course back in January 2023. What attracted me to it was the real, tangible way of gaining financial independence, especially time independence. The barrier to entry is not high, and the day-to-day operation of this business model is not as complex compared to most others.

Before starting this course and running my own KDP business, I spent over 30 years in a very demanding industry. Although I was doing okay, I needed some time away due to a family issue. Sophie’s course and the business model it proposed fit my needs perfectly at that time.

Since completing the course, I now have five books published, with some performing quite well. I also have three more books in the pipeline. Through this course, I’ve learned to run this business efficiently and in a more structured way, providing a solid foundation for achieving my business goals.

If I can do it, I’m sure anyone else can. Please come join us and discover the benefits of this fantastic opportunity.

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