Embracing Evergreen Income: Laura Axelon’s Journey with Self-Publishing

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Hi, my name is Laura Axelon, and I am a freelance court reporter in Northern California. I came across Sophie’s ad while searching for ways to supplement my income and found her approach to be the most genuine. Unlike other courses that seemed too sales-driven, Sophie presented the material confidently and in an easy-to-understand manner.

Although I love my job, it demands a lot of time and energy, plus significant driving. I wanted to find something evergreen that could help me maintain or even increase my income without the extensive hours of work. That’s when I decided to give Sophie’s course a try.

After completing the course, I noticed a significant boost in my self-confidence. Initially, I was hesitant to trust my ideas, but now, with a couple of books published and two or three more in the works, I feel much more assured. This journey has been not only productive but also enjoyable. Setting up an evergreen income stream has been incredibly rewarding.

If you’re considering exploring self-publishing, I highly encourage you to take Sophie’s course. It’s a process you won’t regret, and it can truly transform your life, just as it has mine.

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