Meet Teddy

Teddy Smith

Hello! My name is Teddy, and I live in Leeds in the UK. 

I started selling online as I really didn’t enjoy my old job as a management consultant and I wanted to work for myself. I was working for big companies such as Accenture, and I was working extremely long hours. 

I started selling on Amazon in 2018, and started my current brand about 6 months after finding Sophie’s Bluesky Amazon course. Since beginning that course, I have grown my brand to the point where I could quit my job after a year and start working for myself full time. 

As my products business grew on Amazon, I wanted to grow my brand to have a more prominent presence off of Amazon, so I created my own Shopify website and blog for my brand. As the traffic to the blog grew and grew, I wanted to provide more value to my readers and so I created my first ebook to sell on Kindle. I created the book under a pen name for my products’ brand, and now I have 7 books in the same wellness niche as my Amazon products brand, and 5 more on the way.

Now my business has multiple streams of income, and creating the books has been an absolute game changer for my brand. Once the books were researched and written, the books themselves make income with very little effort, and they send traffic to my site where I can get them to read my blog and buy my products. 

Sophie’s strategy for finding products and finding book ideas really helped me to build a business I am really proud of, and I am looking forward to helping you do the same!


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