Meet Nik

Nik Rac

Let my experiences be your shortcut to success!

Hi, my name is Nik Rac. I am an accomplished Publisher on Amazon KDP; publishing many best sellers and hot new releases in Kindle, print and audio. At the moment I have over 1900 books published with more being published every single month!

My Kindle Publishing journey started in 2014. For me personally, it was a slow start, I was working a full-time job, a part-time job and at the time I had 2 very young kids at home; with little money to invest.

Fast forward to today… I successfully overcame those early obstacles and I now own my very own publishing company that generates enough royalties to cover all my expenses and has allowed me to leave my corporate job behind!

Throughout my publishing career, I learned how to find profitable topics, run successful AMS Ads and develop systems and processes that I could outsource to a team; which has allowed me to scale my publishing business to where it is today.

Coaching Kindle Publishing has been a natural fit for me, blending my two biggest passions, Kindle Publishing and helping others. I enjoy celebrating in people’s success and I have a proven track record of successfully coaching individuals and teams to achieve goals and targets, thanks to my 12+ years managing people and coaching in the corporate world and my 8+ years of coaching CrossFit.

From the very beginning, I firmly believed in Kindle Publishing as a business that would one day support my family. I am proof that with hard work and dedication it is achievable, no matter the obstacles in your way. If I can do it, you surely can as well! And I’d be more than happy to guide you along the way.


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