Meet Magen

Magen Hayashi

Hi there, my name is Magen. In my first four months of the KPI course, I published over 50 books, with more than five being best sellers in the first month.  Now, I currently have 3-4 new books being published a month. My ultimate, and now very realistic, goal is to live overseas again and enjoy life while making an excellent living for myself and my children.  I’d love to help you do the same!

I have developed several systems for efficiently and successfully finding lucrative book genres to publish. I meticulously research the most profitable tools, keywords, and book topics and constantly refine my Amazon Ads and marketing for the greatest profit.  Since starting this business, I have been driven to learn and master cover creation, editing like a pro, finding great niche books to publish rapidly, and everything I can about advertising and marketing best practices.

Thanks to my start with KPI, I can now afford to leave a very stressful and unfulfilling job and move to one I love, with over half my income being Kindle Publishing driven.  Soon it will be all driven!

My primary experience is with Non-Fiction, Public Domain, and low/medium content books. I also have books in multiple categories, such as Self-Help, Religion, Parenting, Psychology, Relationships, Meditation, and more.

I have a great deal of experience managing and coaching others to success and am thrilled with the opportunity to be a coach here- in a course and business model I am passionate about.  I am a perfect example of the success you can achieve with Kindle Publishing if you have the passion, drive, and willingness to learn.  I can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams!


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