A 50th Birthday Journey: Tammy’s Path to Self-Publishing Success

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Hi, my name is Tammy, and I began my self-publishing journey in the fall of 2023, during my 50th birthday. I had initially planned a road trip across Canada but decided to focus on a legacy project instead. This commitment led me to create and publish five low-content journals during my three-week break.

It was an incredible experience to receive alerts from Amazon that my journals were live and available for purchase. This journey ignited a deeper interest in self-publishing, and I began working with a ghostwriter, inspired by one of Sophie’s course modules. The live webinars, especially those on setting goals and scaling up over three years, were particularly helpful in setting my targets.

Currently, I am working on my second milestone with a ghostwriter, developing chapters one, two, and three of a thriller novel. The creativity and independence that come with self-publishing have been immensely fulfilling. Utilizing platforms like Fiverr for additional support has also been a great experience.

Sophie’s course has provided me with the tools and inspiration to pursue my passion for writing. If you’re considering self-publishing, I highly recommend exploring this path. It’s a journey full of creativity, independence, and the joy of seeing your work come to life.

Thank you for reading and considering my story. Take good care, everyone!

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